Prize Box Podcasts

Welcome to Prize Box Productions first podcast page. We have 3 upcoming audio projects in the works, all of which we’re very excited about. We’ve been working very hard on these productions and we can’t wait to tell you about them.

A-12: A one-shot, micro-fiction podcast about a man who unknowingly creates a doomsday device and desperately tries to stop it.

Welcome to Wally World: A non-fiction podcast based on Ricardo Lugo’s blog “Welcome to Walmart,” which details his experiences working at the world’s largest retailer.

Riverton (Working Title): We can’t reveal the story just yet. But what we can say is that it’s a homage to all the great horror and teen films of the 1980’s. Movies like The Breakfast Club and Evil Dead 2.

A-12 is currently in the post-production and marketing stages, expected released in fall 2020. Welcome to Wally World is still in the script-writing stage expected to be released Late Spring 2021. Riverton is still in the rough draft stage expected to be released it winter of 2021.

We’re so excited about these upcoming projects! Keep an eye out on the Prize Box Productions Twitter, Facebook page and website for updates on these projects.

Image by Kevin Campbell from Pixabay




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