Save “Fruit for Thought!”

Prize Box is in dire need of your help!

We have been taken hostage of Commander Foot, leader of The Feet, one of the world’s leading terrorist organizations. He is the menace responsible for all of the socks that go missing in the dryer. After seeing our last episode that questioned the location of socks gone astray, he managed to take control of our broadcast and kidnap our staff members, as well as our diligent narrator.

We don’t have much time. Even as I discreetly write this post from my phone, his evil henchsocks are snatching the warmth of our socks straight from our feet.

There is only one way to save us. Please donate to our Patreon account, from which we will be able to fund new episodes of “Fruit for Thought.” Patreon is website built with the purpose of supporting artists and content creators. If we get enough funding to cover production costs (lighting equipment, camera maintenance, green screen upkeep, etc.), not only will we save “Fruit for Thought,” but we will also have the means to create many more great and entertaining things for you all to see. This includes a brand new web-series, as well as narrative films.

Please, don’t hesitate to at least take a look at our profile on Patreon:


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