(Day 1) My Experience Creating “Foggy Sky,” A Miami 48 Hour Film Project

The true story of Prize Box Production’s first 48 Hour Film Project entry “Foggy Sky,” directed by Prize Box’s Lauren McGarrett.

Written By: Lauren McGarrett

This short, from concept creation to finished product, was made in two days.

On June 12th, I, along with my boyfriend and co-writer, Ricardo Lugo, drove down from Davie, FL, to The News Lounge in Miami to draw our genre and receive instructions on our required prop, character and line of dialogue. By this point, we had scouted some of our locations, prepared a cast and crew of 10 people and had a general schedule of how everything would pan out. No matter what, we would write our story on Friday night, allowing everyone else to rest while we update them via messaging and email, shoot the entire thing on Saturday, rest, and then edit entirely on Sunday.

During a past Meet-and-Greet, there were other teams that told us we couldn’t make a film with a cast and crew of only 10 people. They said we needed multiple cameras, people to simultaneously prepare different scenes for shooting, story-boarders separate from the writer and multiple editors to edit on the fly, among other things. We knew that none of these things were necessary, and would probably hurt the project more than it would help.

We were so eager to compete that we can take pride in saying that we were the first to at the location before the event. As the kick-off commenced at 7PM, my screening group was called to the stage to draw the genres. I was disappointed to pull “romance” out of the hat filled with the many genres of the competition, as I had been hoping for comedy, but that soon subsided as my partner and I began coming up with ideas for the film. We received our prop (a souvenir), our character (Uncle George/Aunt Georgia), line of dialogue (“Okay, let’s go!”), as well as complementary Monster Energy Drinks, and rushed back to Ricky’s house to begin writing.

We got home by 8:30PM, and began throwing more of our ideas around. By 11PM, we had our script ready and sent it out to our cast and crew. After discussing assigned roles and wardrobe with our cast, establishing a call time of 8AM Saturday, storyboarding and planning out a schedule of events, we were ready for our shooting day by 3AM.

Setting up the camera and sound equipment by the front door, we headed off to bed, anxious for the day ahead.

Stay tuned for Day 2, coming soon!


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